Our Guests Matter To Us

Team Flaunt strives to provide the best service possible, and whilst we always strive to achieve this, there’ll be times when a guest is unsatisfied with a service. We aim to handle this type of feedback quickly and effectively.

This policy aims to ensure that
We make sure that our guests know how to give us Feedback/Complaint

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  • Verbally – to the Salon Manger

  • Email – in the ‘contact us’ area of our website, or send us your email address and will send you a feedback/Complaint form to complete.

  • Letter– to our Head Office at Flaunt HairdressingUnit 3, The Village Centre, Elstree Way, Abbey Meads, Swindon SN25 4YX

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  1. We always ask out guests after their service, if everything was what they expected from a five star salon.

  2. We will ask our guest if they would like to fill out one of our feedback form with no obligation.

  3. We always ask our guest to talk to us, as we will always listen and the process of making a complaint is simple.

  4. You will receive a response within 48 hours. If any further time is needed to resolve your case, you will be given a timescale by which a full reply will be received.

  5. All staff treat feedback seriously and is dealt with promptly, positively, efficiently, and keep our guest informed of the progress, this will be done by the Salon Manager

  6. Improved customer relations are built by resolving feedback  during the initial stages wherever ​

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Complaints on Products and Manufactures - Team Flaunt will oblige by supplying contact details for our guests.

Aggressive or Abusive Complaints - Team Flaunt operate a Zero tolerance to these type of complaints  whilst we want to deal with complaints  fairly and honestly and ensure that other guest and staff are not effected. Persons making vexatious complaints. Will be introduced to Team Flaunts solicitors, who will write to vexatious complainants to inform them that their behavior is considered to be unacceptable.