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THE BRAZILIAN BLOW DRY - Otherwise known as the Holy Grail of frizzy-reducing, a smoothing hair treatment.

BOW to the Brazilian Blow Dry - what I call life changing and the most amazing product that I have personally ever used, for the best part of ten years and love love, love it! I works well for me and fits into my busy life style.

It’s also famous for its ability to leave unruly hair silky-smooth and totally manageable also, curly hair with definition and frizz free. LETS not forget how it works against humidity and fine mist rain still keeps your hair frizz free.

A good Brazilian Blow Dry should last around 3 months. If you have it done regularly, this treatment will start to have an accumulative effect, meaning it layers up on your hair and you could in theory, go 6 months with smooth, manageable hair #My confidence in this product is second to none. As I have an ever growing clientele, that I only need to see twice a year.

Those with extremely curly and coarse hair might need to have it done more frequently than every 3 months to see maximum benefits, otherwise if you really like your curly hair, this product can still work for you in smoothing out the curl and leaving it more defined and frizz free.

So I thought it was time to do an update and give my clients a do and don’t list as they keep asking me, to place it up on our blog - so here goes.

Avoid chlorine and use a gentle sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner throughout the duration of your Brazilian Blow Dry, this will ensure that it will last longer.

After having this treatment done, please keep in mind - No clips, bands of any kind, do not tie it up, allow for the keratin to settle at least 2 days maximum before tying it up.

The product that I use is formaldehyde-free which allows you to have much more freedom with what you can do with it. It’s ready to wash off 24 hours after you have had your treatment. (it can be washed off after 24 hours, but if you can leave it on for a few extra days it enhance the treatment even more).

The Brazilian Blow dry locks in colour and helps with colour fade; if you need your hair colour refreshed, then I advise that a week before your Brazilian Blow Dry is due, get your colour refreshed.

As for using straighter after you have had this treatment, you should find that it will need little straighten if none at all. Should you require using heat then please remember, to use a good heat protector.

One last thing – if you are a lover of long hair then this treatment can go a long way to helping your hair grow, stay strong and health.